Chess puzzle #15 dead end?

It seems that the black attack came to a dead end. That’s too bad, because he invested a whole rook in the adventure. The rook on a8 and the bishop on c8 are passive bystanders and of no use for the attack.

At first glance nothing works. For instance 1. … Nxe2+ is met by 2. Nxe2 Qxg4 3. Kh2 Bd7 4. Ng3 and white has the upper hand. Other moves seems to go nowhere either. So is it hopeless for black? On the contrary. He has a win. For you to find out how.

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Analyzing my own games #1

Some time ago I raised the question ‘what is your ideal game?’ I favored short and decisive games. Of course I wasn’t too serious. 

Winning a game without too many mistakes is my ideal. Preferably I dont give my opponent any chances and try to squeeze him. A game I played with white in our club championship comes close to this ideal. 

In the past I did not bother too much about analyzing my own games. I don’t know exactly why. Was I lazy? Or is it the feeling of disgust about the many mistakes I made (and still make)? Anyhow nowadays with the computer even players like me have the help of a ‘grandmaster’ and we patzers can try to make some sense out of what we have done and hopefully learn something from it.Read More »