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Chess puzzle #48: Nice finish!

9 Nov

This is a neat one. Maybe not too difficult. Black just played 1. – Rh5 and attacked the white queen.

Do you see the winning move for white? (Solution)

Chess puzzle #47 Totally crazy

6 Nov

Even after a quick look you will see that this position is totally crazy. White has a material advantage, but most of his pieces are en prise. 

What makes matters even more complicated is the pawn on b2 that is about to queen and give mate.

Is there a way out of this mess? Can white achieve the impossible and even win this position?

Yes, he can. It is up to you to figure this one out. Solution…

If found this fantastic puzzle on Johan Salomon’s twitter account. Johan is the present Norwegian Champion and is well on his way to become a grandmaster. You will find more intriguing puzzles on his account.

Chess puzzle #46

2 Nov

I found this one on chessbase. It is a bit drafty around both kings. But it is white to move. Therefore: white plays and wins. How? (solution)

PS. A couple of days after I posted this puzzle, I added some variations to the solution.

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