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Bad thinking habits will kill our chess ability

8 Jul

If you follow this blog for a while, you know by now that I love to solve tactical puzzles. What you see on this blog is just a fraction of the puzzles I have solved (or screwed up). Messing up is very easy to do. I had my share of big failures.

Maybe it is a good idea to ask myself the question: what goes wrong? Why do I keep making silly mistakes in (sometimes) quite easy positions? Well the position in the diagram is certainly not very easy. In fact it is a bit complicated.

In order to solve this puzzle (and many others) it might be a good idea to look for a while what is exactly going on. What’s being attacked? What are weak spots? Are there any pins? Loose pieces? Endangered kings? A bit more abstract: what are the motifs? Do you see them? Continue reading

Chess puzzle #41: Being greedy?

7 Jul

White just played 38. Qxf7 and left his rook on d1 en prise. It seems like a piece of cake for black to win the game. When you are hungry, indulge yourself with the food that is been offered.

Or not? Solution…

Chess puzzle #40 Black missed a tiny detail

6 Jul

Chess is a complicated game. That’s nothing new. But from time time we all underestimate our opponents resources. It happened to me too many times.¬†

See the diagram. Black just played 28. – Rc4xc3. Before he played this dreadful move he was slightly better. What did he miss? Solution…

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