Self destruction

The World Cup final between Svidler and Karjakin was a comedy of errors. We can have lots of fun when the big boys blunder. It’s also very easy to criticize them for their bad moves.

Of course it’s very convenient when we are sitting behind our computer and get some help from Fritz, Houdini or Komodo (of course 9.2!).

But what happens when we are sitting behind the board and smell the sweat from our opponents? Very likely we fare far more worse.Read More »

It is not a grandmaster’s duty to entertain the crowd (or is it?)

Karjakin-SergeyIn de last round of Norway chess the leader, Veselin Topalov only needed a draw against runner up Vishy Anand to secure the first place.

Well that was exactly what he got. He played a very solid line in a Queens Gambit and went at some moment for a well known repetition. It was a great result for him.

But it was a bummer for all the chess fans. I was watching this game live through Playchess and was hoping, like all the other chess fans, for a fantastic last round fight for the first place. But as I can remember the whole thing was over within an hour. After this let down I had a brief discussion through the chat with grandmaster Daniel King. He was very clear and said something to the extend of:Read More »