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Chess puzzle #4

20 Jul

Black to play and win…


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Bishop pair: another overpowering example

14 Jul

Boris Gelfand was the clear winner of the Tal Memorial. In his game against Nakamura you will find another neat example of the dominance of bishops over knights. See Daniel King’s video.

PS. It’s a great idea to subscribe to Daniel King’s Power Play channel on Youtube! or visit his website…

Chess puzzle #3

9 Jul

With his last move white captured a bishop on f2 (Rxf2). What should black play?

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I love miniature chess games

6 Jul

Don’t we all love to win once and a while within a couple of moves? Of course our love for this phenomenon fades slightly when we are at the wrong end off the stick.

But in some way or another we have to laugh when we see other players lose games within no time at all.

The Dutch grandmaster Jan Hein Donner was famous for his short games. At some moment in time he became the laughing stock of Dutch chess. He lost quite a lot of games within twenty moves or so. Here are some fine examples from his early career.* Continue reading

Beware of silly checks

4 Jul

rare_sprongenThe Dutch have a saying ‘Een kat in het nauw maakt rare sprongen’. Roughly translated into English it might be something like ‘a cat in distress jumps in curious ways’. Maybe sometimes your opponent is like that cat in distress. Or it might be even you? 

For sure you have been in situations where you were totally lost, but couldn’t resist to give one last check before resigning the game? Of course! It happened several times to me. Mostly these checks are completely harmless. But sometimes there is a bit more to it. Continue reading

Chess puzzle #2

1 Jul

White to move and win


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