Chess puzzle #39: tricky stuff

The tactical puzzles on ChessTempo are more difficult then on some other websites. They are taken from real chess games.

The solution is often a bit messy and not allways straightforward. Many times there is some sort of sting. And you guessed it right: I fall right into the trap. 😦

White just played 1. Kg4-f5. The threat is obvious: if white gets the chance to play Ke6 or Kg6 he threatens mate (Rf7#). This makes the conversion off f3-pawn into a queen a bit complicated. But it is the only way to win the game. Therefore let’s play 1. – f2 White answers 2. Kd3. The question is: how can black not only save the game but win it? See the solution…

Chess puzzle #38: too deep for a patzer

Does it ever happen to you? I mean you look for a position almost endlessly, but still you can’t find the correct moves. It is not the first time this happened to me and I am afraid it won’t be the last time either. See the diagram.

White was already facing a lot of problems. But with 30. f4?? he turned a bad position in a losing one. How can black obtain a winning advantage? Solution…

PS. I failed to find the correct solution 😦

I found this puzzle on ChessTempo