About me

Michel3Dear visitor,

In my professional life I am a sales trainer and author. I wrote several books on sales and one of them turned out to be a best seller. These books are written in Dutch.

This blog is all about chess. I started playing chess in the late sixties. At some point I got very fanatic about it and played in lots of tournaments. My level? At best mediocre. I played in the second team of the Utrecht Chess club (Second division KNSB).

I won several prizes in for instance the Hoogevens Tournament (nowadays TATA Steel), IBM and local tournaments and competitions..

At some moment in the early eighties I stopped playing chess. Why? I really don’t know any more. Probably because I exchanged one addiction for another? Running became my thing. I guess this was too tiring. Seems I had no energy left for thinking.

In the end of 2012 suddenly my interest was renewed. Probably because I do not run so far anymore. To my horror I suddenly realized what I had missed all these years. But enough about myself. Just go to the pages and I hope you enjoy my scribbles.

Born: October 15th 1955 in Utrecht (The Netherlands) / Dutch nationality
Residence: I am living in Hoofddorp (The Netherlands)
Marital status: Happily married
Chess clubs: Zukertort Amstelveen

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