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The tale of two blunders in one move

29 Sep

Can a chess player set himself up to lose in more than one way in one move? Of course he can! No problem at all.

It was the last round of the Västerås Open 2014. Things hadn’t gone very smoothly up till now. The result off the rapid session on Friday evening was a bit iffy. But losing to the seven times Swedish champion Axel Ornstein was not a shame. I managed to make a decent fight out of it.

The other rapid games were somewhat more questionable. Two out of four. At least the score, but not the quality of my games, kept some hope alive.

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Chess puzzle #17: mate or be mated

8 Sep

White has a simple mate threat. If it was his move he would win with 1. Qh8+ Kf7 2. Th7#

A way to avoid disaster is 1. … Kf7 and to try to move the king out of harms way. Or has black something better? See solution…

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