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Chess puzzle #25: no escape

26 Jan

The black king is in mortal danger. With his last move black tried to escape his fate by giving a check on c1. He hopes for a perpetual check.

How can white dash black’s hopes? See solution…

Puzzle found on Chess Tempo

Chess puzzle #24: some nice stuff

14 Jan

The 13th edition of the European Individual Championship (Plovdiv 2012) was a disappointing tournament for former winner Emil Sutovsky. But that didn’t mean he only played bad chess. On the contrary.

He produced some nice stuff. See the diagram. This position arose after 31. … Qd5. Question: how did Sutovsky finish the game in great style?

I found this pretty combination in New In Chess magazine 2012#3

#2 What is the threat?

21 Dec

In this position black played 1. … a5? Why is this a mistake? Answer…

Chess puzzle #23: a neat finish

8 Dec

White to move wins. How? See solution….

Chess puzzle #22: squandering a fine position

6 Dec

Chess is a cruel game. A chess player can spoil a lot of hard work with one careless move. Actually that’s exactly what happened to black in the diagram position.

He played 1. … Bf8 and set himself up for losing the game. Two questions:

1. What could black have played to maintain the balance?

2. How does white win after black’s ill fated move?

See solution…

Chess puzzle #21

24 Nov

Black’s situation is quite problematic. He tried to simplify the position and take the sting out of white’s attack with 1. … Qa8 (the black queen was on d8) does this solve his problems? Solution…

Chess puzzle #20: kill me please

20 Oct

Black just played 1. … Bg4 attacking white’s rook on d8 and the queen on h5. Is this bold move enough to save the game? See solution …

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