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Endgames can be highly tactical

9 Mar

Off course there are general principles that apply to endgames. But mere intuition brings you most of the time nowhere. You have to calculate very careful.

See this, seemingly simple rook endgame. If it was black to move, he would have a very easy draw. See for example this variation…

But it is white to move. That makes all the difference in the world. But how? That’s maybe not so easy to spot. Do you see how white can win? Solution…

Here is another one!

Some moments after I finished this post, I surfed to chess.com. Chess.com shows every day a new puzzle. Sometimes these puzzles are quite hard to solve. This one is also a bit tricky. See the second diagram.

It is white to play and win. The first move is obvious. But then it gets a bit tricky. Do you see how to solve this one? Solution… 

Goes without saying that not all rook endings end in a draw!

Chess puzzle #28: the devil is in the detail

28 Feb

See the diagram on the right. White has serious problems. His bishop on f4 is attacked by the knight and with it the pawn on e5. To make matters worse, black has a well supported passed pawn on d4. So what to do?

White decided in favor of drastic measures and played 1. Be3. His idea is: if you take my pawn on e5, I will retaliate with the capture on d4. If this exchange would materialize, it is a certain draw.

The problem is: white overlooked a tiny detail. Do you see this ‘detail’?

Chess puzzle #22: squandering a fine position

6 Dec

Chess is a cruel game. A chess player can spoil a lot of hard work with one careless move. Actually that’s exactly what happened to black in the diagram position.

He played 1. … Bf8 and set himself up for losing the game. Two questions:

1. What could black have played to maintain the balance?

2. How does white win after black’s ill fated move?

See solution…

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