Chess puzzle #7

Mikhail Tal won the world title in great style in his match against Botvinnik in 1960.

In the return match Botvinnik got his revenge. Tal was in bad health and didn’t prepare very well. He lost the match with 13-8. Had Tal lost his magic touch too? Not quite.

White (Tal) to move and win.

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Solution chess puzzle #6

29. Nd7+! After this move Botvinnik resigned. Let us see what might happen:

A) 29… Kc7 30. b6+ Kd8 31. cxb7 doesn’t look pretty for black.

B) 29… Bxd7 30. cxd7 Rd8 31. Rc8+! Rxc8 32. Ra8+!Kxa8 33. dxc8Q+ Ka7 34. Qc5+

Less convincing is 29. c7+ after 29… Rxc7 30. Rca2 Rc5 (worse is 30…Rc8 because 31. Ra8+ Kc7 32. b6+ and black will lose a rook or get mated) 31. Ra8+ Kc7 32. Rxe8 white should also win, but he has to work for it.

I found this position in ‘The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal’

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