Funny little puzzle

White to move…

I found this funny puzzle on the Chess Tactics app. It is white to move and win. How?

At first I tried to attack the black king with moves like Bf6+ or Bc5+. But the doesn’t work. Than, I paid attention to the position of the black rook. Can I imprison it on h3 and capture it. For instance starting with Bd6?

Nope it also doesn’t work. And suddenly I saw something else. What if I attack the bishop on h6, where does it go? Hm…? It doesn’t have much space to move. And all becomes clear:

  1. g5 Bg7 What else?
  2. Bf6+ Bxf6 forced.
  3. gxf6 ...

We only have to secure the promotion of the f-pawn. You find the complete answer in the viewer…

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