Right or wrong?

What is the best move for black?

Before you answer the first question, I have another question. Was white’s last move: 19. Qd1 right or wrong? What was the alternative?

19. Qd1 was wrong because there was a much better move. 19. Bf4+. Black is forced to go into the corner with his king. 19. … Ka8 and then follows 20. Bxg4 with a mate threat (Qg8#). There is nothing better than to play 20. … Qd5 and black is lost.

Now back to the diagram position. It is black to move. He captures the bishop on e3: 19. … Nxe3 20. fxe3 Bxf3 21. gxf3 Qxh2+ 22. Kd3 and black puts the final nail in white’s coffin: 22. … Qd6+. See the analysis in the viewer…

A small confession

I have to admit that I cheated a little bit. White didn’t play 19. Qd1? but 19. Qxd1. See the diagram. There was a rook on d1. But the question remaines: right or wrong?

Was 19. Qxd1 correct or wrong?

Still: 19. Qxd1 is wrong.

There were two better alternatives: 19. Kxd1 or 19. Bxg4. See the analysis in the viewer…

Anyhow: it was a blitz game and I do not know how much time was left to find the correct moves. So it is understandable that even strong players make this kind of mistakes.

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