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What is the best move for black?

10 Feb

This a position after white’s 25th move. It is from one of my own games. At our level we make (too) many mistakes. But it doesn’t mean that there are no interesting moments.

It is clear that black is much better. The white king is not safe and his pawns are weak. Compare both rooks and queens and it becomes clear that black has a winning advantage. But the situation is still a bit tricky and black can go astray very easy. What is the best move for black?

Solution …

Chess puzzle #46: how to break black’s defenses?

10 Sep

At first glance it seems black is in time to defend his king. White still found a way to destroy black’s defenses. Do you see how he did it? Solution…


21 Aug

Chess can be a very complicated game. This is no news. And sometimes we over complicate things without knowing it. We get distracted and don’t see what’s the leading motif in a position.

See the diagram. It is black’s turn. The position is quite messy. There are a lot of possibilities. Do you see the correct solution?

I found this problem on Chess Tempo (number 738). It’s from a game between Franz Jittenmeier and Ludger Grewe (2234) played in 1998. Black found the correct solution and won.

Chess puzzle #19

13 Oct

White is winning. In the diagram position he could play for instance 1. b6 or 1. Ka4 and he is doing fine.

Instead he played 1. Qc3?? Why is this a blunder? Answer…

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Chess puzzle #18: easy and elegant

4 Oct

This is an easy puzzle. But I think the solution is quite elegant. I arrived with white at this position in one of my online games on chess.com.

This is a Benkö gambit gone wrong. Of course white is completely winning. He can finish black off with one neat blow. How?




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